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Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
increased promotional activity at old navy, and these two things got the sell-off ball rolling. to me, the idea of dumping gap just because november was a bit worse than expected is insane. first of all, this november was a real aberrant month. you had unseasonably warm weather on the west coast, sandy on the east coast, and these monthly numbers are notoriously choppy. don't give you a good read on business and so many have stopped releasing monthly figures and also there was just an annuity for hedge funds, and historically, november same store sales numbers, not a good predictor of what happens in december, which is what we care about now. as for the worries about promotional activity at old navy, goldman sachs did channel checks, found no unusual promotional activity. the company still looks spot on, ta-dah, so if the reasons for the sell-off are overblown, what should we care about when it comes to gap? i have to come back to the strength of the turnaround and how this is still in its early stages. gap spent a decade in the wilderness, but last year under leadership of glen murph
Dec 4, 2012 2:00pm EST
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Dec 4, 2012 3:00pm EST
doesn't happen to be one of the u.s. military's. the u.s. navy claims that all its scan eagle drones have been accounted for. the iranians have said they captured the drone, they claim, by taking it over electronically as it was flying over u.s. air space. now, the problem with this is that scan eagle drones are pretty common in that region. when it comes to technology, they're at the very low end of the scale. they're readily available to almost every government in the region. many gulf states have them. intelligence indicates that the iranians either stole or perhaps bought this from under the table from some gulf state nation. but it doesn't appear that according to the u.s. navy, anyway, that there's any truth to the claims that the iranians actually seized a u.s. navy drone. >> all right, jim. thanks very much. >> we want to get to mary thompson. we have more breaking news right now on the arrest of a trader. mary. >> hey there, bill. this is about a securities trader, david miller. he's been arrested for wire fraud and charged with wire fraud by the connecticut u.s. attorney. i
Dec 11, 2012 12:00pm EST
. it's losing some of the momentum. banana republic, old navy. >> 71% near to date. >> some of the numbers in november look a little soft. it doesn't mean i don't like consumer discretionary. i just think this is about a turnaround story and a rebound that's not really going to have much momentum looking forward. >> murph, le nar. >> it's had a huge run as the rest of the builders. if we do not get a deal, if we go over this fiscal cliff i think one of the areas that could get hit hardest is the home builders. that whole space could get hit. so many people, concerns pushing out purchases of homes. i think this is an area that has a huge run but could sell off on this news. get out of lennar. pay the short term gain now. if i want to, if i feel a deal is coming, i can replace that money in either the home builder etf or i can look in one of the other home builders. for right now i'm out of the space. >>> up next on "halftime" the treasury is getting out of aig. should you be selling, too? traders take their positions. >>> what happens to the dollar if the fed moves to add mor
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am EST
and increase demand for goods? no. i don't think t will move the need. by the way, the army, navy, they don't move that fast. and if anything, there could be a peace dividend if we got to that where we would cut the budget deficit, a la happened in the '90s. i don't think you should look at this issue in a way to make money off it, though. it's really not a need mover. as a matter of fact, it can be negative for a lot of the defense companies as we know. they've been under a cloud because of these cuts. here's one from danny in new york. jim, i heard you say when considering playing the downside of an equity that you would short the stock rather than buy a put. please elaborate on your reasoning. i favor puts to avoid the high risk of a short position. danny, so glad you sent me this. if i created any misperception that i favor shorting stocks, it is out of character with all my books and what i used to do at my hedge fund or working at goldman sachs or trading for myself. i do puts, layerly shorts. i was a victim of hortishort squeeze that's lost me a ton of money. use puts. i don't care i
Dec 28, 2012 1:00pm EST
used in catalytic converters. >>> thank you, bertha. >>> the iranian navy holding massive drills in the strait of hormuz. this comes from iranian state television. the exercises include fire ships, warships and hover craft as well. we don't see a lot of reaction from the oil markets. wti is below 13 cents. that's a premium that we've seen for now, gosh, nearly a year. higher by 20 bucks relative to crude. $110 per barrel. let's get trading action in terms of stocks. i don't know. mary thompson joins me here on the floor of the nysc. >> well, we're going over the cliff, mary. should we hold hands? >> let's jump. >> do you have a parachute? >> no, i don't. i don't. you know, a lot of traders think that a parachute is going to come in the form of a mini deal. so that's the feeling right now. >> i don't like anything mini, mary. i like the mini cars. are hoping's what traders as a result, stocks continue to move lower, but they're basically stuck in a waiting game in large part because they want to hear some news from this 3:00 meeting that's being held by the president with t
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
and what price. so when you say the gap, old navy and victoria's secret were standouts this season what brought the shoppers in? was there a hot item this season? >> not one hot item per se, gap has been seeing a real turn around. i think the stores look better, the merchandise has been improved. the marketing has been improved. old navy as well, a surprise. victoria's secret, again, the merchandise is fantastic, lingerie a clear winner at holiday at all times, so, i mean, again, if you look at your channel checks, those stores were generally per rehn y'ally crowded. i tend to agree with craig johnson, apple looked empty for what apple stores have been in the past. retailers like pandora generally crowded, charms a good buy. so you know, i think people were extremely cautious in what they bought this year and were very strategic and went in bought what they wanted and left. >> the gap, we just showed chat of the gap, monster 60% the past year, a turn around story, largely because at some point in time, they weren't getting their merchandise quite right you weren't hitting the fashion no
Dec 28, 2012 9:00am EST
the mid-november time frame or so, announcing today that along with huntingtonengles, it has won a navy submarine contract. and those are secure even if the defense department undergoes sequestration. interesting deal being made there. >> taking a look at some of the biggest names that are among the biggest losers. traders have told us, if you're in the money on a lot of these names, why not take some money off gap for instance, masco. names like that are related to housing and retail. >> and speaking of retail, coors, third straight day of losses for shares of coors. a big winner so far this year. yesterday, citigroup had cautious comments from itses, saying in some cases, there are massive discounts on kors handbags. so questions on the pricing in the margins on kors. but this thing went public on the new york stock exchange, and it has had a monster run. 78% over the past year. and for a lot of these big gainers, there could be some tax gain selling also. sell it, reestablish your cost basis, go back and buy it. >> and of course, melissa, those retail sales numbers, we've got some pr
Dec 13, 2012 9:00am EST
. >> two are being sold for the united foundation. and three are being sold for the navy/marine foundation. >> reporter: tell us about your favorite watch. >> that's the problem. they're all your favorites. you can't talk about your children that way. the star dial that's in the collection, it's impossible to find. >> reporter: and this rolex is expected to go for over $300,000. >> the top lot is a paddock fleet 1518. and the other is $600,000 to $900,000. >> wow! robert frank is with us here. >> a million-dollar watch, almost. amazing. >> i would just be afraid to wear that on my wrist. in fact, the reason he's selling these is because their values have risen so much in this collectibles boom that we're having that he said they were all just being kept at a safe-deposit box. he wasn't wearing them anymore. so why not put the money to use? he is giving part of this money to charity. >> is there any premium associated with this collection because it was owned by gordon bethune? >> he was a great collector. and he gave us three rules for being a smart collector. one is just buy the top brand
Dec 17, 2012 9:00am EST
been hit just yet. >> you make the point some of the less promotional things, old navy obviously part of gap, anf, an taylor, more professional gap itself, loft -- discounted about 40%, right? >> that's right. i think it's interesting that the average discount of 40% is actually flat to black friday. so at this point you're actually not getting a better deal but you're not getting a worse deal, either. >> teen retailers, you think american eagle, best positioned. why? >> i think they're just done a terrific job with their assortment. the fashion is right. they're targeting a much more sophisticated, older customer within the teen niche and they're executing really well. on abercrombie i think it really comes down to a question of comparisons. for last year, it was really just a bloodbath in terms of promoti promotional levels. >> joe, roxanne is talking a lot about the level of promotion. does part of that lead you to your discounter thesis? why do you think they're going to do so well this final week. >> i just think that that's where the average american needs to shop, and this one
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)